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Are credits from my studies transferable or accepted by other Bible institutes?

Yes, credits earned through FBI are accepted by other TACI Institutes. As each institute has their own requirements it is important to contact those institutes directly. All our FBI students earn the same number of credit hours regardless of location,including the USA.

Can I transfer between campuses?

Yes, since all the credit hours have the same value regardless which Fuzion location studied at.

Do the credit hours earned outside of the USA have the same value?

Yes, all our credit hours have the same value regardless of where the student studied, since all students globally study the same course work.

    Is Fuzion Bible Institute Accredited?

    Yes, we are accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TACI) solely in the USA.

      Will I receive a Certificate or Degree when I graduate?

      Yes, accredited qualifications are issued at each graduation.

      Will my credits expire?

      No, all our global campuses must submit student records, results and credits earned to the FBI Global Head Office in Florida, USA. All student records are kept permanently at this office.

      What is the registration process?

      The registration process is covered on the How It Works page of this website. –

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