About Us

Every person regardless how young or old, has a destiny and a purpose. It is our desire to help  each person that passes through our Institute find their potential. Below you will discover more about who we are.


Kingdom Ministry First—Our ultimate goal is to focus on the ministry of the Kingdom, to expand God’s Kingdom on the earth.

Every Student a MinisterEach student is viewed as fellow ministers and torch carriers of the vision and mission of the Kingdom.

Educating to Serve & LeadOur educational programs exist to train & equip our students to serve the body of Christ and to lead through love & integrity.


Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

OUR VISION – We are committed to spreading the Gospel to the Nations through Training & Equipping.

The primary purpose is to take the Gospel America, Europe and into all of Africa, with primary focus on central Africa down to Southern Africa.
To train and equip students with the necessary tools to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by offering quality Biblical education. Then to release and equip the students as ministers of the Gospel to establish the work the Lord has called them to fulfill. Simplified: TRAIN, EQUIP, ESTABLISH.(TREE)
Train pastors and other spiritual leaders to establish and operate FBI’s throughout our geographical target area.
To take Apostolic teams, Deliverance teams and Evangelistic Teams on mission trips to those areas and so fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ.
To establish a Ministry Fellowship to ordain and commission leaders into ministry and to bring accountability to the body of Christ.
To help break the walls of prejudice and disunity among the ethnic groups of Africa and to encourage the establishment of multi-cultural Multi-national and multi-ethnic ministries.


Our Mission

Equipping leaders to impact the peoples of America, Europe and Africa as to immerse them into the Fatherhood of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ and Mentorship of the Holy Spirit.

Expert Instructors


Countries Represented


Expert Instructors


Our History

Fuzion Bible Institute was established in 2010 with the purpose of training & equipping believers for the work of the ministry.

Where it Began

In 1998 while studying at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, the Founder/President of Fuzion received a very specific prophetic word regarding the establishment of an International Training Center that would be multi-ethnic, multi-national and multi-cultural in nature. This center’s primary focus would be used to equip leaders for taking the Gospel throughout Africa. Taking the Gospel into the tough areas where so much prejudice and tribal disunity is taking place. The prophetic word also stated that there would be the meeting with key leaders, tribal leaders in South Africa and beyond. It was only until 2010 that through the leading of the Lord that Fuzion Bible Institute (FBI) was birthed in South Africa with the very first FBI campus established in Salt River, Cape Town that same year.

The Journey Continues

Another earlier prophetic word revealed God’s mandate to reach into Europe with the Gospel. Since the opening of our first FBI outside of the USA, in Cape Town, South Africa, Fuzion has developed an online program platform.
At the time of this publication plans are afoot to launch Fuzion in England, Ireland, France, and the DRC.




What Folk Are Saying

Fuzion Bible Institute has taught me in the deeper things of God and how to be a better leader. I encourage all men and women of God to study at Fuzion.

Dr. John K

Powerful Word Ministries

Fuzion has helped me discover the true nature and character of  God. Since studying through Fuzion I’ve developed a boldness to share this truth with others. 

Bonita M.

New Hope Center

Fuzion is the answer to practical application of the academic studies. The lecturers have been a blessing to me and my family as well.

Hilton W

Victory Faith Church

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Help Fuzion Bible Institute reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every prayer helps to open doors to the nations, ever dollar helps us put feet into the nations. Your contributions will help the Kingdom of God spread. 

Become an Instructor

To be certified as a Fuzion Instructional Coach a comprehensive course must be completed to receive your certification. To get started please contact our Administrative Office at Admin@fuzionglobal.org.